Celtic Nights – Oceans of Hope


‘The Epic journeys of our Ancestors’

This new production of Celtic Nights-Oceans of Hope captures the very essence of  who we are, where we came from, the dreams of a better place, liberty, Freedom and above all…..family.
It’s the story of America, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.
It’s the story of people moving across Oceans from all the nations to free themselves from hunger, war, persecution and famine to find a better place.
This is their story told through Irish eyes.

Celtic Nights-Oceans of Hope will tell this Epic story through song, music, dance and narration.

Songs, music and dance will take the audience on an epic journey with 2 hours of entertainment. There will be moments of joy, sadness, happiness and laughter.
The message of who we are and the great journeys of our ancestors will leave the audience knowing that the stories of their grandparents, great grandparents and beyond, should always be passed down through generations.

Oceans of Hope is not only about the past, it’s about now and the future…..
As with our previous Celtic Nights shows the audience will be taken on a memorable journey. They will be a part of this production and warmly welcomed into the Celtic Nights family.
A truly great night of sheer entertainment will be had by all…..leaving our audience full of hope as the journey continues.

We look forward to our new show Celtic Nights-Oceans of Hope as we make our way from coast to coast…crossing many Oceans on our own special Journey of Hope.